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Pulse Unveiled walks you through how to read pulses according to Ayurveda.  Beautifully illustrated, Pulse Unveiled is both a clear, and sophisticated manual for any healer seeking insight into a deeper, and time-tested method of discovering what goes on inside the body and the mind.

Every copy of Pulse Unveiled includes unlimited access to the Member Area, where you review pulse reading case studies shared by Victor and the Ayurvedic community

The print copy and ebook are available now! 


VICTOR BRIERE, A.D. Interviews eight of the world's leading Ayurvedic Physicians to unveil the truth of one of the greatest health threats of our time

Coming in late 2024

Contact us to pre-order your copy!



We are very happy to release our first cookbook - Ayurveda Global Cuisine, 10+ Recipes Following Ayurvedic Principles.  It is attached here!  There are twelve recipes in this book, including our pasta sauce variations, which features dishes inspired by different parts of our global community.  


We have learned many recipes over the years by traditional home cooks from different parts of the world and by other professional chefs.  We created these foundational recipes to teach other health practitioners and also individuals + families who are making positive dietary changes.  Follow along with the recipes, make changes you see fit, and also don't hesitate to ask us questions about seasonal eating, spice sourcing, etc.  Recipes scale up/down, but we hope to inspire meal-sharing as we aspire to do.

DOWNLOAD IT HERE!!! (links to webpage for the cookbook to download)

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